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The Perfect Pillow Sizes for Your Accent Chair - Archiology

The Perfect Pillow Sizes for Your Accent Chair

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The Perfect Pillow Sizes for Your Accent Chair
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In terms of interior design, pillows frequently go unnoticed but silently improve the aesthetics and comfort of our living spaces. These comparatively little pieces have a significant impact on accent chairs. Today, we will talk about accent chair pillows and examine how choosing the right pillow size may improve your seating's appearance and comfort. Understanding the function of pillow measurements is essential whether you're searching for more lumbar support or simply want to highlight the style of your chair.

So, let’s get started from the basics! 

Understanding Accent Chair Dimensions

LAYLA Accent Chair

It's essential to have a solid understanding of the different sizes and types of Accent Chairs available before we actually look into the world of pillows. From traditional wingback chairs to sleek and contemporary armchairs, accent chairs are available in various styles. The sizes of these seats also vary, with some being smaller and others being larger. So, before selecting pillows, it's important to measure your chair thoroughly.

The correct pillow sizes will be primarily influenced by the accent chair's measurements. A properly sized pillow can provide coziness, style, and warmth to your chair. On the other hand, a pillow that doesn't fit properly can reduce the overall comfort and appeal. 

So, before going pillow shopping, grab your measuring tape and write down those numbers, whether you have a small chair in a snug corner or a large statement piece.

Pillow Sizes and Their Impact

Sofa Pillow

Now that we understand the importance of measuring your accent chair let's explore different pillow sizes and how they can impact your seating experience.

Lumbar Pillows

VENICE Arc floor lamp


Lower back or lumbar pillows are intended to give the lower back area more support. They are often smaller than ordinary toss pillows and have a rectangular form. A lumbar pillow typically has measurements between 12x18 and 14x22 inches.

These pillows provide your chair with a decorative element in addition to their usefulness. A lumbar pillow can add a feeling of balance and proportion to an accent chair. In addition to adding a sense of beauty, the pillow's delicate curve against the chair's backrest ensures that your lower back is comfortable even with extended sitting.

Square Pillows

Sofa with square pillows

One of the most popular shapes of throw pillows used in accent chairs is square pillows. They are available in a range of standard sizes, including 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches, and 20 x 20 inches. The size you choose will mostly depend on the chair's dimensions and the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Consider the width and depth of the accent chair when choosing square cushions. Choosing a size that is equal to or slightly larger than the chair's breadth might give the room a full and welcoming appearance. However, be careful not to stuff the chair with too many square pillows.

Bolster Pillows

Velvet Bolster Cushion in Tan Brown with Grey Piping

Bolster pillows, distinguished by their cylindrical shape, are a distinctive complement to accent chairs. These pillows can be used as headrests, armrests, or as fashionable accessories. Bolster pillows are available in a range of lengths, usually from 12 inches to 36 inches.

Depending on how you plan to use the bolster pillows, size is an important consideration. Shorter bolster pillows, ranging in length from 12 to 18 inches, might be useful for headrests or armrests. To achieve a dramatic, theatrical look, longer bolster pillows, ranging in size from 24 to 36 inches, can be stretched across the backrest. Consider your overall decorating style as well as the design of the chair when choosing bolster pillows.

Oversized Pillows

Natural Linen Throw Cushion Pillow

As the name implies, oversized pillows are bigger than regular toss pillows. While they might not always be the best option for accent chairs, they can provide larger chairs with a hint of luxury and relaxation. These pillows often have a size of 22x22 inches or more.

Oversized pillows can give an accent chair with ample seating a feeling of grandeur. They offer lots of padding, which makes your chair feel even cozier. However, use caution when adding large pillows to smaller chairs because they risk crowding the area and detracting from the chair's aesthetic attractiveness. 

Mixing and Matching Pillow Sizes

One of interior design's most alluring features is the capacity to achieve harmony and visual attractiveness in a room via the thoughtful selection and placement of decorative components. Combining and contrasting pillow sizes on accent chairs can effectively create a layered and well-balanced aesthetic. 

1. Create Visual Depth

Accent chair in living room

Creating visual depth in your seating area is one of the main goals of mixing and matching pillow sizes. You may add depth to your accent chair and lead the eye to multiple focus points by layering pillows of various sizes. Here's how to go do it efficiently:

Dominant Pillow Sizes: Begin by choosing one or two dominant pillow sizes that match the proportions of your chair. For instance, if your accent chair is medium-sized, you can decide to make two 18x18-inch square pillows the focal point of the arrangement. These pillows will serve as the design's foundation and sense of unity.

Smaller Accent Pillows: Add smaller accent pillows to the mix after determining your dominating pillow sizes. To create layers and visual interest, use bolster, square, or even lumbar pillows. You can carefully arrange these tiny pillows in front of or next to the bigger ones.

2. Play with Colors and Textures

Blush Accent Chair

Size alone won't bring balance and harmony to your pillow arrangement. A unified and attractive aesthetic is mostly dependent on colors and textures. Here are some ideas to think about:

Cohesive Color Palette: Choose pillows with a coordinated color scheme to keep a uniform appearance. There should be some sense of coordination, but it doesn't imply that all your cushions must be the same color. For instance, select square pillows with a strong pattern and lumbar pillows in a solid color with a complementary or matching hue to balance the design.

Texture Variation: Your chair can gain depth and tactile appeal by combining several textures. Think about adding cushions made from various materials, such as velvet, silk, or faux fur. Your seating space might become more aesthetically appealing by using these textural contrasts.

3. Odd Numbers

Lounger Chair

Odd numbers are frequently thought of as more aesthetically beautiful than even numbers in the field of design. Consider using an odd number of pillows when combining different pillow sizes. You can give your arrangement a sense of harmony and rhythm by using three or five cushions.  Let’s say you might utilize three square pillows as your prominent shapes and finish the appearance with a lumbar pillow and a bolster pillow.

4. Experiment with Placement

Accent Chair in green colour

Don't be scared to try different pillow arrangements. Asymmetry can also be a design choice, even if symmetry is frequently attractive. Consider the following location suggestions:

Asymmetrical Arrangement: Arrange cushions asymmetrically to give the room a casual, bohemian feel. For instance, you may place a lumbar pillow on the right side and a square pillow on the left side of the chair. Your decor may gain a little personality from this arrangement.

Centered Focus: Place your largest cushions in the center of the chair's backrest for a more formal and well-balanced appearance. To give them a symmetrical and elegant appearance, flank them on each side with smaller cushions.

5. Personalize Your Style

The mood you want to create in your home and your personal style should ultimately inform how you mix and match cushion sizes. Don't be afraid to add a little flair to your decor. Let your style shine through in the pillows you choose and how you arrange them, whether you want a conventional, classic design or a modern, eclectic feel.

Elevate Your Decor with Archiology

LAYLA Accent Chair

In conclusion, selecting the ideal pillow sizes for your accent chair can completely change your home's comfort level and appearance. The correct pillow sizes are crucial for creating your ideal aesthetic, whether you value lumbar support, style, or a combination of both.

At Archiology, we appreciate the importance of carefully selected pieces. Our elegant selection of accent chairs and coordinating furnishings will take your interior design to the next level. Discover our collection of accent chairs, each one carefully chosen to combine beauty and comfort flawlessly. We offer chairs in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern.

Don't miss the chance to make your accent chair the room's focal point. Discover how the ideal cushion sizes might improve your home design by going to Archiology right away. Elevate your surroundings and your way of life.

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